QUIZ: What Is The Name Of This Ball And Which Year Was This Ball Used In World Cup? (Many Will Fail This)

Hi Guys, Maxloaded your favorite website is here with another edition of Quiz, this time around, it’s for football lovers. Test your brain. to everyone, may the new week bring more blessings and favors 🙏🙏

Note:- This quiz is ONLY for intelligent football gurus

The World Cup starts soon and in the history of the cup, there has been 20 designs and 32 versions balls since the competition began in 1930.

FIFA will use the Telstar 18 ball for this year’s tournament in Russia which officially kicks off on June 14.


How many World Cup balls can you match to the year they were introduced? We have got one below to test your knowledge.

See picture of this ball below:

What Is The Name Of This Ball? What Year Of The World Cup Was It Used?

Hint:- This ball was famed for its unpredictability and caused goalkeepers one or two problems

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