Killertunes vs Fresh VDM – Who Has Produced More Hits in 2018?

Most people tend to ignore them, they only care about the vocal and the artiste that lays them.

No one wants to know about how the beat is made and they’ve all forgotten the beat is what makes the song ticks.

The beat lays the foundation and there’s a verse that says If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do.

In 2018, we’ve seen the evolution of some badass producers. They started disturbing the airwaves in 2017 but in 2018, they blew up with some wonderful beats we’ve never heard before. Most especially,Killertunes and Fresh Vdm.

Killertunes has been exceptional in 2018. He started on a lowkey in 2017 with Yeba and Manya. Those songs went viral with his own input.

Signed under DJ Spinall’s The Cap, Killertunes is a monster when it comes to club bangers.

He’s a maestro on the beat production pitch laying foundation for every hit singles. The artiste comes in, lays his wack vocals and it’s a banger.

In 2018, he changed the game. Hits like Bobo, Nowo,Fake Love and the most viral song now, Baba were all blessed by his beats.

It’s safe to say Killertunes owns the clubs right now as we speak. His specialty is making beats for potential club bangers.

Fresh VDM on the hand is another monster brewing up a storm in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Having been a part of Davido’s imprint, DMW since 2016, majority of songs put out by the label has been with his blessing. He’s the major reason why Davido had to sideline Shizzi.

He saw potential and it’s now reaping fruits. So many of us heard FIA but forgot to ask Who made this beat? It’s the major reason why FIA banged out loud and was well received by fans.

He’s the same reason why DMW is reigning in 2018. He’s the sane reason why we have Aje topping every charts.

What of Mind, Flora My Flawa? These were hits that wouldn’t have been possible without Fresh’s input.

You ladies that vibe to Ada, would it have been possible if not for Fresh’s mantra of creating Very Disturbing Music?

We need to appreciate these guys for creating some of the monster tracks we have right now.

But the main bone of contention is 👇

Who Has Produced More Hit Tracks This Year?


Which Will You Choose, Killertunes’ s Baba vs Fresh’s Aje?

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